Am I going to be the first man to walk the Bryson Line?

Check out this line.

This, my friends, is the Bryson Line. Named by and after Bill Bryson. In 2016, I came up with the idea to walk the line south to north. This picture was a screen shot taken on May 27th 2016, and on November 4th of the same year I announced the idea on my old blog

With my Dutch-written travel book on the Netherlands nearing the final stages of writing, it’s time to start planning the next escapade. And if I start walking the Bryson Line soon enough (I have a starting date in mind, of course), I might even become the First Man Ever To Walk The Bryson Line – which sounds pretty good.

There are more people planning to walk the Bryson Line, as I found out when I google’d the idea. They are Americans living in Britain, organizing things the American way – a charity, planning to raise $100,000, a state-of-the-art website to announce their big adventure, taking 30 days to complete their walk as it has to be a sporty achievement, having the author walk along for a portion of the trip.

And that’s all good. Yet I learned from my American Safari trip that I’m not the kind of guy who works that way. I’m going to start my walk, with my tent and sleeping bag shouldered, one morning in Bognor Regis, on the leisure pier. And one day I will reach Cape Wrath – this might be after 28 days or 60 days of walking. The only limit I’ll have is my budget: 500GBP. 

Along the way I’ll be religiously taking notes for a new book on Britain, written in English. I might run into the Americans, as they are starting over a month later on Cape Wrath. (On that note: I wouldn’t mind having Mr. Bryson with me on my first day (or all the days thereafter), getting his blessing. I would be very humbled.) I will be taking my time and not rush through England and Scotland. This is going to be good. I can feel it already.


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