American Safari

North and South America are two completely different worlds – socially, economically, linguistically – but together, the two continents make up the only landmass that stretches from the arctic to the Antarctic.

Jeroen Vogel sets out to travel from the polar bears in Canada to the penguins in Chile on buses and trains until he reaches Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city. Traversing fifteen countries, from tame Canada and commercial America to corrupt Honduras and poverty-stricken Panama, he finds himself in more than just one precarious situation that needs dealing with on an extraordinary and adventurous journey.

The result makes engaging reading for anyone who simply loves a good travel book, especially if the tale is told with a spin of humour.

Here is what the editor had to say upon finishing American Safari:

This was an amazingly awesome book! You kept my attention throughout it, which is remarkable for a travel book. I enjoyed that it wasn’t your typical travel book, where authors only go to the touristy places. You went to places that were off the beaten path and that really made it interesting. Your conversations with others that you met enriched your content, making the book more interesting and more enjoyable to read. I enjoyed, too, that you kept it real and down-to-earth. I don’t like travel books where the authors sugar-coat the information. This book was nothing like that and I really appreciated that. You gave a realistic and upbeat description of each place. You enthusiastically said what you loved and candidly pointed out the not-so-great features, often with a spin of humor.

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