Baffling Banff

The Canadian town of Banff attracts four million visitors annually, in awe with the overwhelming natural environment, taking up the gondola to the peak of Sulphur Mountain, riding a tour boat on Lake Minnewanka or going on an outing to the Columbia Ice Field.

In Baffling Banff, Dutch travel writer Jeroen Vogel, who has lived in Banff for two years, takes the reader on a journey through town and to many of its attractions. Along the way, in a light and comical manner, he tells the reader all about the town’s history. With the book’s background information, those visiting Banff after having read Baffling Banff will view the town through different eyes than those arriving uninformed.

Well-researched, detailed, hilarious, uncensored, and incredibly honest, Baffling Banff is the perfect introduction to Canada’s favorite little town.

Jeroen Vogel’s unique way of blending a travel story with history, insight, opinion, and humor makes for a terribly readable, often thought provoking book that will entertain and educate both Banff’s visitors and inhabitants.

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